The Power of Girl Scout Cookies


How the Cookie Crumbles

All proceeds – every penny – of the Girl Scout cookie sale remain with the Girl Scouts of the Jersey Shore, benefiting girls in Ocean and Monmouth counties. In addition to the more than $900,000 that goes directly to local Girl Scouts, this money also reduces program costs for girls; trains adult volunteers; provides financial aid and camperships, and expands opportunities for girls.

Get Ready for Booth Sales

Are you starting to plan your booth sales? Are you wondering how many cases of cookies you should order? Below are the recommended guidelines from Little Brownie Bakers. Remember, these are only suggestions. Order more/less based on your specific needs and community.


  • Three-hour sale: Two cases of Thin Mints, Tagalongs and Samoas. One case of Do-Si-Dos and Trefoils. One case (optional) of additional varieties.
  • Six-hour sale: Five cases of Thin Mints, Four cases of Tagalongs and Samoas, two cases of Do-Si-Dos and Trefoils and one/two cases (optional) of additional varieties.


  • Nine-hour sale: Eight cases of Thin Mints, four cases of Tagalongs and Samoas, two cases of all other varieties.


Families Learn Together

Girls become women of courage, confidence and character with the help and guidance of their parents. Families are encouraged to help their Girl Scouts set goals and achieve them.

  • Identify the incentives she wants to earn
  • Ask how her troop plans to use cookie sale proceeds
  • Help her write her goal on the cookie order card
  • Review the cookie sale safety tips
  • Listen to her practice her sales message
  • Go with her to sell and deliver cookies
  • Help to organize cookie orders
  • Volunteer to chaperone booth sales
  • Arrange booth sales at work, school or other locations frequented by people who love Girl Scout Cookies

"No check from a parent could replace this unique leadership program. Thousands of successful women trace their earliest success to selling Girl Scout cookies. Girls who fully participate in this program receive a great foundation for life-long success."

Susan H. McClure
Chief Executive Officer
Girl Scouts of the Jersey Shore



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