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There is no substitute for giving your Girl Scout the exciting, enriching experience that comes from selling Girl Scout cookies. Much more than a way to raise money, the annual cookie sale is a hands-on leadership and entrepreneurial program unlike any other in the world. Girls gain a wealth of essential skills, not from a book, but from real-life experiences that build a strong foundation for success. Many successful business women and community leaders say they got their start selling Girl Scout cookies.

How much do Girl Scout cookies cost?
Girl Scout Cookies sold by the Girl Scouts of the Jersey Shore cost $4 per box.

Who should checks be made out to?
The best thing to do is ask for checks to be made out to “GSJS” as it covers all. This way the checks can be deposited into a troop account as well as being submitted to the council.

How does the Girl Scout cookie sale benefit my daughter?
The cookie sale provides a girl with valuable experiences that will last her entire life, something that could not be learned if she were just given money from her family or the council. Through her yearly participation, she becomes skilled at setting goals and working with others. Cookie activities also develop her self-confidence and teach money management skills.

What do girls receive by participating in the Girl Scout cookie sale?
By selling cookies, girls establish individual goals that entitle them to incentives as well as the ability to earn cookie credits. Teen girls also have the opportunity to forgo incentives and apply their cookie earnings to council-sponsored Wider Ops through the Product Sale Advantage program.

What will top cookie sellers earn this year?
Girls who sell more than 500 cookie boxes will receive a special patch and be recognized for their achievement with an invitation to the Glamour Gala on Friday, May 14, at 7p.m. in the Program Activity Center, Farmingdale. They will also receive recognition on the council website.

How can the Girl Scout cookie sale reduce the cost of my daughter’s Girl Scout activities?
Your daughter’s troop receives money for every box of cookies she sells. The troop can use this money to fund activities. In addition, your daughter can choose to earn cookie credits instead of incentives. Cookie credits can be used for any council-sponsored activity, including trips, day camp, and council store purchases.

How do product sales affect the Girl Scouts of the Jersey Shore?
Half of the council’s income every year comes directly from product sales. This money is used to reduce the cost of programs for girls; train more than 5,000 adult volunteers; provide financial aid and camperships; expand current opportunities for girls, and create new girl opportunities.

How much of the council’s total income benefits girls?
Every year, the council’s finances are evaluated by an independent auditor. During the 2008-2009 fiscal year, the council used 84 cents of every dollar earned to support girl opportunities, including camp, programs, after-school activities, leader training, facility improvements and financial assistance.

How do troops benefit from product sales?
Every troop receives at least 62 cents for each box of cookies sold. Troops with a per girl average of 110 or higher receive 75 cents per box. Your troop can use this money to pay for troop activities – anything from programs to trips.

How much money do troops earn?
Last year, troops earned $670,000. That’s an average of almost $450 per troop.